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2:10 I'm dosed.
The antidepressants are doing their best as if some sick joke to win my heart.
The light from the screen is the only light I see.
Shadows lurking among shadows
Distorted noises are creeping from every crack.
2:13 I've got to thinking
What if California just started sinking into the seas?
What would become of the fabled Hollywood wonders?
What would become of the lives people planned to have?
What would become of "my future collage education"?
2:15 more questions arise.
Such as when does the change from being a nobody,
to being a Hollywood superstar begin?
How will the money change me? Will it change me at all?
Will there even be money?
2:18 I'm starting to question things a little more serious.
Has my dad been cheating on my mom?
Why, with who, and if so what will happen?
2:19 the pills are working full blast.
My vision is blurry; the keys feel like they're hardly there.
The noises from before are more than just creeks from the house.
They are now a part of me.
I can se
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Mature content
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- In My Eyes -
I tried to listen
To the things you said
But I couldn't stop the voices
Inside my head
I thought it would end
If I could forget
I tried to pretend
And that I regret
Because it's eating me alive
It never ever goes away
It's strangling me inside
And suffocates me more each day
It's driving me insane
I can't take this anymore
I hate myself, I'm a useless bitch,
A filthy fucking whore
I can't see anything but red
I hate this place inside my head
I'm fucking crazy just like they said
I'd kill myself, but I'm already dead
'Cause I ignored it for too long
And I believed in my own lies
Now it's too late, my soul is gone
You can see it in my eyes
:iconskinnylittleschizo:skinnylittleschizo 123 112
- Venetian Blind Coincident - by mrpaco - Venetian Blind Coincident - :iconmrpaco:mrpaco 1 17
There is this place
Beyond my fears,
Beyond the blood,
And all the tears
I see it only
In my dreams
But it's more real
Than it seems
A place where I don't
Cry or scream
Where all my thoughts
Are clear and clean
The sun gives light,
The sky is blue
No more memories
Left of you
The air smells sweet
And not like vomit
My skin is new,
No more scars on it
The illussions are gone
And everything's real
I finally know
What it's like to feel
Something other
Than this pain
The voices are gone,
I feel sane
I can laugh and be myself
I don't have to fake a smile
I can say those words "I'm happy"
And living all seems worth the while
A place where I don't have to hear
"You'll never get you're life in gear
You'll never be normal, you're nowhere near
You'll always live in pain and fear"

This is the only place
I wish to be
The only place
I can be free
Free from the sickness
That is me
And one day I'll find this place,
You'll see
Someday I'll be
...A different me
:iconskinnylittleschizo:skinnylittleschizo 48 69



G Prime Rules Again
United States
Current Residence: My room
Favourite genre of music: 80's, Goth pop/rock, Old punk, Classic Rock, Techno at times
Favourite photographer: Anyone that makes me look good.
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player for now
Wallpaper of choice: Benzin
Skin of choice: ... Flesh.
Favourite cartoon character: The Chesire Cat (the one from American McGee's Alice. He makes me think of J. Depp)
Personal Quote: You've Seen my dick so can I have your number? - Me
Alright. Just letting you guys in on this. For those that either hate myspace or just refuse to use it I have started an account at Acid Planet. I can post more than just 4 tracks at a time and I find this to be easier. So check me out here:… and then click on the link that says "songs" near the top and listen away to which ever track catches your fancy. Let me know what you think via pm or comment or what not. Thanks.